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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The 100 percent cricketer

Another great bows out and it is time for another grand farewell and more fond memories. I don't think anyone will ever forget Anil Kumble bowling with indomitable spirit and passion with a fractured jaw or his extremely transparent determination and sheer pride in the Kotla test that ended today.

Well, here's a real neat article written by who else but Rahul Dravid who has probably played the most games alongside Kumble both in first-class and international games combined. And I suppose this little paragraph embedded in an article that clearly reflects the admiration that Dravid has for the man, says it all:
His attitude makes him a dream to captain. When I led against New Zealand in 2003 at Mohali and we lost the toss and had to bowl first on a flat wicket, not once did Anil complain. Occasionally a bowler, faced with an unresponsive wicket, might give up mentally, but not Anil; never did he say, "Rahul, give me a break." He just bowled on and on. He does not know what giving up means.
You can say that again, Dravid.


Short Backward Square said...

Kumble will be missed. He's one of India's greats.

Christopher Poshin David said...

Farewell...we'll miss u jumbo

I too wrote about him....

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looking forward for your thoughts.

CricDigs said...

Kumble is so great and yet so humble. It is such a rare combination. And believe me, we were at the Firoz Shah Kotla for that test match when this was announced and did wait till the end to give give him a farewell... Good luck with all your future endeavors Kumble!

Thomas Rooney said...

He really was a born match winner. India are doing ok without him though!

Top site you have here. Would you be able to email me when ou get the chance?

Would be much appreciated.



Ammar Irfan said...

Kumble was one of the finest bowlers of all time, there was hardly a batsman who may have played him with ease.

His knack of spinning the ball on that pace was an art which I guess Shahid Afridi of Pakistan is employing these days and being succesfull.

Good luck to Kumble.

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Cricket Bats said...

Kumble has been a fantastic servant to Indian Cricket.

He will be sorely missed.

A cricketer who gave 100% everytime he played.

rahul dravid blog said...

We'll miss you Jumbo!
What a player he was.I just can't forget his bowling with fractured jaw.100% cricketer