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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Symonds Story

You've got to feel sorry for Andrew Symonds. For all the talent he has, the imposing Australian is one player who can and will rewrite record books with ease and grand flourish, if only he can put everything behind and continue playing the game and entertaining the audience. There are talks already of how he will be missed in the upcoming Australia's tour of India and I can't help but agree.

The Symonds fishing story reminds me of what happened with a co-worker of mine who wanted a week's leave from work in order to be able to attend his brother's wedding (a wedding is a long-drawn affair in India). He was denied the permission by his manager and ended up loosing his cool, yelled at his superior and took the drastic step of walking away from his job. Anyway, when he later saw the stupidity of what he had done, he waked right in again, apologized and was forgiven. He got his week's leave too!

Goes to show what happened to Symonds can happen to anyone, doesn't it? The employer holds the money purse and as long as that's true, it is also true that you are required to bow down to the demands of the job. Hope Symonds too can clear all his cobwebs away and come back to cricket just to play and enjoy the game.

All said, this pic interested me.

Mean? Probably. Funny? Well, in a crooked sense, yes! :D


Philip Oliver said...

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Ananth said...

Hi Philip

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