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Friday, September 5, 2008

Has India done well?

India won the CB series beating Australia 2-0 in the 3 match final in Australia. India have again won the ODI series against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka which is a great feat considering how strong the Lankans are at home and what an absolutely outstanding record they have there. They are also the World Twenty20 champions and that is no mean feat too. However, the question still remains as to whether India are still a world beating side. Why is that? Aren't those earlier wins proof enough?

Well, not exactly. Infact I believe this team is not even close. The problem seems to be too much dependence on one or too batsmen throughout an entire series. This, I think, seemed to have been all the more pronounced during the recently concluded India-Sri Lanka series. I hated the way only two batsmen really clicked throughout the series. If not for Raina and Dhoni, I don't think we would have even gotten close to winning the series. And even if we did win this time round, I think a lot of credit should go to the bowlers.

Take a look at the stats and you will know what I mean. We really need more batsmen performing well or you could say goodbye to any hopes of the Indian ODI being and staying even in the top 3.

As I see it, there will and should be a lot of changes in the selection and the batting order. Badrinath looks neat to me. But such a compact batsman coming so low in the batting order hardly makes any sense. And I think we need Yusuf Pathan back. I'm all for big hitters at the bottom of the batting order. India has always struggled for big runs in the final overs. Yusuf Pathan in place of Sharma and pushing Yuvraj further down the order might work wonders for India in the final overs. Besides, Badrinath anyway looks to be a batsman who can easily hold one end up calmly and coolly in a Dravidish fashion. So getting him to replace Yuvraj at one down or two down should make a lot of sense. Thats just a small list of things. I think (I hope, rather) the India think tank is chewing on similar things too. Let's hope they come out with something good and more logical next time.

And all that said, I think the bowlers were excellent. Zaheer should never again be dropped. He's just a gem!

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