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Sunday, January 13, 2008

No end to "monkey" and umpiring jokes

My Inbox is flooded these days with jokes on Steve Bucknor, Andrew Symonds and some others.

So I thought of posting some of them on this blog...and here they are.

Now, some of these jokes might seem racist or something...but then, it is all in good humour and they are quite funny too!! Laugh away.....

Why Bhajji was banned....
Procter: Did you call Symonds a Monkey?

Bhajji: No, I called a monkey, Symonds.

Procter: You did what?!!

Bhajji: (Silence)

Procter: How dare you insult a monkey. You are banned for 3 matches!!

Bhajji: (Sad)

Ponting& Co:!!! ?

Ponting: Hey, Symonds.What did he say?

Symonds: Whatever, he is banned. You can bat well next game.

Ponting: No, Anil is there too, ask Mike if he too can be banned too.

Symonds: We'll see in the next match. If he takes your wicket, we'll complain.

Ponting: Fine then. Come.

Spot the monkey contest!!

Rare pic of Steve Bucknor


Soulberry said...

Nice laugh! Thanks...

Ananth said...

my pleasure, soulbery!

Ashwin said...

nice........ get more jokes abusing aussie cricketers andenglish cricketers. i enjoy them a lot