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Monday, January 7, 2008

Champion Cheaters

Apart from being champion sledgers and champion players, the Aussies have added a new dimension to their game and their image: that of Champion Cheaters. Regardless of how well they play their cricket or how many games they win, this pack of ruthless, unsporting cricketers will never ever deserve the same respect that they enjoyed before the Sydney game.

Ponting's and Clarke's shameless feigning of having taken clean catches was disgusting and lowly.

As for the umpiring, even if Mark Benson's and Steve Bucknor's erronous decisions maybe condoned, at best, as "human mistakes", Benson's 'bright idea' of asking Ponting whether Clarke had caught the catch cleanly was utterly stupid and even suggested a degree of favoritism towards the Australian side.

Anyway, let's not let the umpires take the limelight away from the dirty Aussie doings.

At the end of it all, nothing could describe whatever happened in the cricket field beter than Kumble's little quip about only one team having played within the spirit of the game....and we all know which one did not...

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