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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kumble, the sledger!!

Been quite a while since I have blogged. Apologies for that. Work is keeping me pretty busy. But this incident got me blogging!

Who would imagine sledging from Kumble! Yes, he is a really aggressive cicketer and expects everyone to be at their best. And he gets totally annoyed when someone makes a half-hearted effort in the field off his bowling. But sledging?!!

Hes the last person I expected something like that from. And it was done well too..for it worked.

Way ta go, Anil!!

By the way, Dravid looked like he is getting among some runs in the last India-Pakistan test match at Bangalore. And even Kaarthick is doing pretty well. It is going to be an intriguing India-Australia battle down under. Can't wait for the test series to begin!

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Cricket Bats said...

Anil has been a fantastic servant to Indian, he just keeps going!