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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Whay wasn't Yuvraj made the Indian ODI team captain?

This is why:

Yuvraj Singh has been fined 20% of his match fee for "showing dissent at an umpire's decision" during the final ODI between India and Pakistan in Jaipur.

Yuvraj was given out by umpire Suresh Shastri during India's chase, after he miscued a pull off Umar Gul to the keeper. However, instead of walking, an upset Yuvraj stood his ground, and indicated the ball had hit his shoulder and not his bat or glove. Replays suggested that the ball had hit his shoulder.

Agreed, Yuvraj was not actually out and it was some very incompetent umpiring by Suresh Shastri that brought his stay to an end. I also agree that he is an awesome player for India, probably our best ODI and Twenty20 cricketer right now.

But in situations like these, he does tend to go overboard with his reactions, doesn't he? I mean, that was serious dissent he showed towards the umpire! He just stood there staring coldly at the umpire for about 2 full minutes! And then he made this really cocky looking gesture indicating that the ball went off his shoulder and not the bat. Obviously, very unbecoming of a senior player, let alone the captain of a team.

And, I suppose, that is the reason why the top spot went to Dhoni who is by far more calm and calculating among the two; qualities that are absolutely crucial for a successful captain.

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