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Friday, November 9, 2007

Surprise surprise!

Congratulations to Anil Kumble!!!

The Indian selectors have sprung up many surprises in the past. But this one beats them all. And it is a pleasant surprise this time, which is something very rare. Though Anil Kumble was always in the race for test captaincy, I, frankly, never expected him to be made captain. Dhoni was the clear favourite, especially considering the selectors' rather funny habit of unconditionally preferring youth to experience when it comes to new selections or appointments. Besides, every rumour that was coming out from the BCCI camp was pointing towards Dhoni's appointment as captain.

Anyway, this is great news. Kumble does deserve the honour. He is one of the players who has been toiling for the team for many years with not much recognition. Plus, his vast experience and extremely sensible way of dealing with situations will come of use now. He has always been a self motivated player and this development will motivate him even more to perform well for the team.

So one Karnataka player stepped down from the mantle and another has taken his place. There have been talks of Dravid having stepped down owing to internal pressures. How long can Kumble survive? Lets see. The Australia series will be the perfect touchstone.

Lets hope the warrior with a big heart will lead India to a memorable series victory Down Under!


Ottayan said...

He has a lot left to offer.

Ananth said...

oh yes, ottayan! can't wait to see how he fares as captain...

SixandOut said...

Agree that he's been underrated and never got enough recognition for all his records, but captaincy is a different ball game. Cricketers who have potential to lead usually become visible quite early on in their careers. For e.g, Michael Clarke

My dad, nevertheless, is quite happy. He's always vouched for Kumble as India captain.

Ananth said...

yeah, couldn't agree more sixandout. Dhoni is another example closer to home.

But Kumble is a very brainy bowler and there is no reason why he can't be a sensible captain, given the chance.

Also, I have a feeling he is going to be a very demanding captain. We all know how annoyed he gets when someone misfields off his blowling!!