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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dravid's omission might not be that bad a decision

Almost as soon as news spread that Rahul Dravid was 'rested' for the final India-Australia one-dayer, almost every cricket follower started reeling out his opinion about the decision. Endless reams of paper have been devoted to discussing the issue and the majority verdict is that the omission was unfair and undeserving of Dravid.

Now, here are my two cents.

Dravid is undoubtedly a great batsman and has been a determined soldier for the team for a long time now. He also, probably, has many more jaw-dropping performances in store to offer to Indian cricket. But then there is also the irrefutable fact that his average from his last ten ODI innings is a paltry 9 runs. Plus, it is also a fact that a whole lot of talented players are waiting at the sidelines.

Ofcourse, it is only a temporary loss of form that Dravid is suffering from and as the selectors themselves say, the odds of Dravid making a comeback are very high. But surely, the process of regaining form does not need only international cricket. Domestic cricket can do the job just as well.

Also, it surely is not necessary to carry an out-of-form batsman in the team while many other capable players, if included, could do a better job.

Additionally, the decision will also send out a strong message to the players that Vengsarkar's recent threats about nobody's place in the team being permanent is not just a toothless remark.

Who knows, Rahul Dravid could come back to international cricket as a more stronger batsman and that could only be good news for India. So all things considered, Rahul Dravid's 'resting' may only be for the greater good.

By the way, on a side note, there is also the lingering question of why Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly were spared by the selectors even when they went through even longer stretches of even poorer form. But lets push that question aside for now!!


Stuart said...

India really needs to make sure it is ready for the not-too-distant future when it doesn't have Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly or Laxman. Such a loss of experience could be crippling for the side, and they need to make sure that they blood the younger players so that they can take over when the day comes.

SixandOut said...

The fact is that he has been culled from the ODI side, so talking of his comeback doesn't make sense now.

He's just scored a double in the domestic circuit. That's good news, as he'll definitely be picked for the Tests.

Agree with Stuart on culling seniors gradually.

Ananth said...

totally agree, stuart.
A rotation policy could take care of that. Maybe the selectors should think of genuinely 'resting' a few of the senior players.

Ananth said...

True. He has been culled, sixandout.
But was his culling fair is the big question.
Also there is the other big question of why some other senior members in the squad were not culled out even when they were equally, if not more, desrving of the treatment.

Ottayan said...

More than his loss of form, his running battle with Vengsarkar did him in.

Ananth said...

that we can only guess, ottayan.
But even if it is true, his loss of form is what gave the selectors the license to remove him from the squad.

SixandOut said...


Why was Ganguly never rested for his loss of form? If the Chappell scandal hadn't broken out, he would have continued to be on the team.

Also, Dravid has won more matches for
India than any other player. Okay, maybe, not so much of a match winner, but he's an expert finisher.

I get a little senti when Dravid is brought up, so I usually stay out of the discussions. But couldn't help it this time. :-)

Ananth said...

no problem, sixandout. Rant on!!

But we'll never get any convincing answers to all those questions, I guess.