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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Couldn't agree more with Ian Chappell

The Sri Lankans sure don't seem to be enjoying the Australian tour very much. Actually, not many teams do.

Brett Lee is on fire and the Lankans are already following on in the first of two test matches in the series. They are in deep deep trouble and the Australians are on top.

I only hope India don't fare so badly in the test series Down Under. By the signs of things, whoever is handed the job of captaining the Indian team (I think it should be Kumble) for the series has his job cut-out.

Now I know what Ian Chappell meant when he said, had Sachin accepted the captaincy job, he would have put the future of his international career in jeopardy.

In his words:
Tendulkar has saved the selectors from what could've been not only an embarrassing decision but also a costly mistake. If he had accepted the captaincy and India went on to lose the series badly to Australia, it could have hastened his retirement.
Chappell might not have been very correct in advising Tendulkar to retire a few months ago, but this time around, I suppose his views are spot on.


Zodiac Astrology said...

I fully agree with you. Kumble has a tough job Down Under. Sachin is spared the tension

G Kumar

Uncle J rod said...

Australia is a captain killer.

Kumble is the safest bet, but being safe doesnt usually beat the australians.

Dinnie said...

Some people just don't feel comfortable being in command all the time. That's a psychology thing. But I won't go into that.

Anonymous said...

All chappells are real fucking assoles....just dont care a shit about them.

rkbanda said...

All chappells are real f**ing a**oles...just dont give a sh*t to them...i hate to see the pics of any chappell!

xangel said...

INDIA DID ok ...........

jollyjo said...

Ian Chappel played a few innings of cricket in the dark ages and now he is an expert...pah!

I find Ian's views extremely biased (to the Australian team)and lacking in understanding of the rigors of modern day cricket.

When some players retire we wish they would walk off into the sunset...literally!