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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Atapattu bows out of International cricket

There, another fine "aging cricketer" bids adieu to international cricket. Nice that he signed off in style by scoring a fighting 80 in his last test match while trying to save his side from utter humiliation against the Aussies (they lost the game and the series though). At least some consolation for him that he is leaving on his own terms after having had to have a bitter tiff with the selectors.

So, here's bidding TaTa and Goodbye to Marvan Atapattu. Guess he is heading towards India now. Rumours are that he will play for the Indian Cricket League. I wouldn't mind watching him play here. Quite a neat and stylish batsman he is; or should I say was?


Uncle J rod said...

Long live Marvin.

cricket-memories said...

He played straight and talked straight.