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Friday, October 19, 2007

A victory inspite of the batsmen

India's batsmen did all they could possibly do to try and ensure India lost even the final match of the India-Australia series but fortunately the tail-enders snatched an unlikely victory for India and saved the team from utter embarrassment. Anyway, inspite of the continuing display of incompetence by the Indian batsmen, it was a good match to watch for two reasons.

The first reason is that India won against Australia, which does not happen very often and therefore deserves celebration.

The other reason was Murali Kartik's beautiful spin bowling. Watching him bowl was like watching an artist at work. I can't believe he was out of the team for so long. Just take a look at the way he took his wickets. Every single one of them (except that of Symonds, maybe) was a result of totally tactful spin bowling. The fact that he was on a hat-trick two times in the match is, I feel, ample proof of what a thorn he was in the Australian flesh.
19.5 Kartik to Hodge, OUT, and thats that, as Hodge, with limited footwork, pushes at a shorter and quicker delivery outside off stump and gives the wide slip catching practice, ending a scratchy innings in which he couldnt force it against the spinners

19.6 Kartik to Symonds, OUT, and the big man goes first ball! The ball's pretty ordinary, short and wide outside off stump and Kartik's extremely lucky to get Symonds, cutting at it and looking on as Tendulkar, in the covers, dives forward and takes a good catch!

31.1 Kartik to Haddin, OUT, Kartik gets him with the arm ball! Haddin gets a half-stride forward to a delivery pitched on middle and straightening. The ball strikes him low on the front pad and that was an easy decision for Umpire Saheba

31.4 Kartik to Hogg, OUT, bat-pad! flighted on off stump, Hogg gets a stride forward and appeared to get an inside edge onto the pads. Uthappa at forward short-leg takes the catch and the rest are certain they've got the wicket. Hogg looks rather unhappy with Saheba's decision though

31.5 Kartik to Lee, OUT, Kartik takes five! flighted on off stump, draws Lee onto the forward drive and succeeds in getting an outside edge to RP Singh at gully. Kartik's on a hat-trick here...again!

35.5 Kartik to Hopes, OUT, Hopes misreads the turn! flighted around the middle stump. Hopes goes back and the ball spins from middle, goes through and clips the off stump. Big daylight between bat and pad on that one. That's six for Kartik... what a comeback!
Yeah, what a comeback to international cricket! Coming in to bowl against the Australians when they are on top at 108/2 off 17 overs and going on to take 6 wickets to reduce them to 193 all out is a great feat indeed. And I feel this is the only comeback he'll need to make for a long time to come.

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