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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Proof that Sreesanth is overdoing it

The recent comments Sreesanth has been making in the press are, I think, obvious proof that Sreesanth is over-thinking and overdoing the aggression part instead of just trying to play good cricket. This is what he has reportedly said(from cricinfo):

"It's not a new Sreesanth. I am trying to find that exact limit between really bad and really good. See how far I can go."

Sreesanth has been flicking through a book on temperament during the series and said the game was "almost 90% mind". "How you manage yourself on the field is important and even if they are playing mind games on it or off it, cricket is very funny, it always wins," he said in the Australian. "That's what happened in the lead-up to the Twenty20, everybody was questioning our ability but we still won the World Cup.

Well, what can you say to that "almost 90% mind" quip?! And the "managing yourself is important" quip?!

He is very much a fresher to cricket and I have no idea why he wants to complicate things for himself. I really feel he should be thinking: "good bowling is almost 90% about putting the ball in the right areas".

Why care about mind games at all? Just go out there and bowl well. Should be simple for an international bowler. And he can do that. We all know that. Just why do these people complicate things unnecessarily?

Sreesanth, shut up and just bowl. You are selected into the Indian team for that. Not to ponder over mind games and such crap.

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