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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Looking forward to the Twenty20 match

The lackluster performance of the Indian team in the just concluded India-Australia ODI series not withstanding, I find myself looking forward to the India-Australia Twenty20 game that is to be played today with total anticipation.

For one thing, this is the first time I will watch India go into a match as World Champions. And the other reason is simply because Twenty20 cricket is so damn exciting, especially when it is Australia we are playing against!

I suppose this is the only format where India could be termed as atleast ' slight favourites' against the ODI World Champion side and I hope it remains so even after this match.

It will mean a lot of good things if India win this match. There are people out there who think India's triumph in the Twenty20 World Cup was a mere fluke. I honestly think that is not the case and that India played some pretty consistent good cricket to clinch the World Cup against all odds. A win here will work towards proving that.

Besides, Australia will very obviously be hurting from having to taste defeat at the hands of India in the semi-final of the World Cup; a defeat that prevented them from adding the Twenty20 cup to their cupboard of trophies. And if India win here too, it might just trigger off an India-Pakistan-ish rivalry between Dhoni's and Ponting's men in this format of the game, just like India's test series victory in the 2001 home series set off an Indo-Australia rivalry of sorts in test cricket. If that can happen then it can only be too good for cricket!

I am all for this Twenty20 format of the game and I am all for an Indian win today!

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