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Sunday, October 21, 2007

India keep the winning streak going

The Indian team has just proved why they are World Champions in the shortest format of the game. Inspite of some not-terribly-impressive fielding, sharp and clever bowling and extremely sensible batting saw them through the one-off Twenty20 match against the Australians with 7 wickets in hand and 11 balls to spare.

I had mentioned in an earlier post that it was important for India to win this Twenty20 match to prove it too critics around the World that the World Cup win was not a mere fluke. Well, they have done more than just win the match. They have sailed through to victory with some ease.

There were some good individual performances in the game coming from the Indian side. Harbhajan & Gambhir once again played a pivotal role in India's win. Infact, I have a feeling it is going to be either Gambhir or Yuvraj who will score the first century for India in Twenty20 cricket.

But it was made amply evident that team effort is what will eventually win matches for you in Twenty20 cricket. There are only four overs per bowler and each of them have to do well in order to keep the opposition under pressure. Likewise, lightning quick cameos from each batsman will do more damage than, say, a 70 off 60 balls from one or two batsman like it happens so often in ODI cricket.

Ponting made a good 76, but other batsman didn't have much to show and I guess that is where the Australians lost the match. In contrast, the Indians have a 63, a 35 and a 31* from the top four batsmen and that is where they proved superior.

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ashish said...

I like the Indian wining series and want they maintain their performance for a long time.They played very well
and have a long opportunity for this new format.youngster are playing very well and want keep on this team for matches in one day's and test also.