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Monday, October 15, 2007

India deserving losers

Ponting had said before the Nagpur match that the match was like a final and I thought India would have a go at the Australians with all their might. Instead they really proved how unprofessional they are. In such an important match, if an international bowler bowls as bad as he did then there is no surprise in the fact that India lost. Yeah, I'm talking about Sreesanth, There really is no use of carrying him around only for the odd spark of brilliance. If he is not consistent, then there really is no use for him in the team.

And then the batsmen. It is very rarely nowadays that Sachin bats the way he did yesterday. In a must-win match and from a pretty comfortable situation the batsmen showed total lack of professionalism and the way they wilted from a very winnable situation with so many wickets in hand is shocking to say the least.

Surely, India deserved to lose the series.


Homer said...

I second that opinion Ananth :)

online sports guy said...

It's so frustrating when you can see that a player has been picked and you know it is wrong.

The worst thing is you can't do anything about it.

Sumit Chakraberty said...

nobody allows the asking rate to climb with wickets in hand as the indians do