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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Does Vengsarkar mean what he says?

Here is what Vengsarkar, India's chairman of selectors, has said:
"There are many players like S Badrinath and Suresh Raina who are performing with the India A side. These guys are waiting for their chance and you cannot ignore them. It's a professional set-up and nobody can take their place for granted."

Clearly, Vengsarkar had some people in mind when he said that. A warning for the seniors' ears? Could be. It really is time to think about Tendulkar's, Ganguly's and Dravid's role in the team. These men have been invaluable for Indian cricket in the past. But then, that is the past and people have a tendency of softening up with time

In a match where India needed 290 runs off quality Australian bowling, Tendulkar managed 43. But these 43 runs came off 71 invaluable balls in the powerplay overs. Compare and contrast that with Yuvraj's score of 121 off 115 balls or Dhoni's 33 off 37.

It is an obvious and un-ignorable case for promoting Yuvraj and Dhoni up the order. It is also an obvious case for the demotion of Sachin Tendulkar. But would he fit in the middle-order? As Vengsarkar says, there are good middle-order players such as Suresh Raina waiting at the sidelines for some time now.

So where would Tendulkar fit in, or would he? That is the million dollar question that everybody has been avoiding for a long time. I guess it is now too long.

Come on Vengsarkar. It is time for some bold decisions. Let's cut the talk. Show us what you can really do.


Sumit Chakraberty said...

it's mostly hot air, i'm afraid. otherwise we wouldn't be playing with the same bunch of losers for so long.

Ananth said...

yeah. hot air and hot crap. I seriously dont understand what these people can gain by just talking. Why cant they do what they say?