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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Aussies stamp their class

You might have read a zillion articles with the same title as this one. The reason is simply that you just cannot think of a more apt title when you sit down to write about a match after having been witness to as clinical a performance as the Australians came up with against the Indians today. And since it concerns the Australians, that happens pretty often too.

I had mentioned about a lot of talking having happened between the players even before the series began. The first match at Bangalore was when we were to find out which team could back up the talking with a solid performance. That match got washed out (luckily for India, perhaps). But, nevertheless, the Aussies did give us enough evidence, at Kochi, as to which is the better team. Their bench strength in unbelievable and the way someone always puts his hand up when the other has failed, is fast becoming a hallmark of the team.

That said, the Indian team obviously has a lot to do if they are to see any success in the ODI format in the near future. The problem of not being able to seize the initiative even when we have been able to get one foot through the door, is an old one. Add to that the other worry of giving away too many runs in the death and the problem becomes massive.

The need for a genuinely quick bowler is, once again, quite apparent. Dhoni's boys migh have won the Twenty20 cup, but the sooner they (and us) realize how less the win means when it comes to ODI cricket, the better.

No one could put it better than Gilchrist did:
"The quicker we move on from this Twenty20, the better. Everything keeps getting drawn back to that. Congratulations to India, they had a wonderful victory, beautiful celebrations ... we all enjoyed it, we've never seen anything like it. But I'm more interested in the fact that we're 1-0 up in this one."
Very hard to disagree.

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