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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yuvraj's six sixes

Easily the most exciting six balls of the Twenty20 World Cup so far. Who wouldn't enjoy such clean hitting?

India take on Australia today in the semi-finals of the Twenty20 World Cup and I only hope, along with a few billions of other Indians that we win. I also hope Pakistan win the other semi-final so that the final would then be an India-Pakistan showdown. What a cracker of a match that would be!

On another note, it is sad and almost unfair that the South Africans couldn't get through. There really is something about the South Africans and the World Cups. It happened in the 1999 World Cup when South Afirca fell short of a solitary run in order to enter the finals. It happened in the 2003 World Cup too when they were done in by the Duckworth-Lewis system, again falling short of a mere run. And now it has happened in the first Twenty20 World Cup too when they needed just 126 tuns from 20 overs; an easy task that looked certain to be completed until they made a real mess of it. It does look like someone has cursed the team to never taste World Cup glory.

Anyway, all that is yesterday's business. Today is the day when the teams that play the finals will be decided and it is going to be one hell of a day.

This Twenty20 World Cup is proving to be far more entertaining and well-organized than its 50-over counterpart.

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