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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Who won the Twenty20 cup...the players or the BCCI?

When a jubilant Indian team was enjoying the sweet results of all their hard-work, when the players were celebrating victory, when the men-in-blue were posing for the team photograph; on all these occasions Sharad Pawar and all his BCCI chums somehow got their faces complete with broad grins in the way too, didn't they?

Alright, forget that. But what can you say about this:
One would have thought that the 15 cricketers who brought India the glory at the Twenty20 World Cup were the heroes being felicitated at the Wankhede Stadium, but a look at the dias would have suggested otherwise.

The front row was filled with BCCI top brass and Maharashtra state ministers with skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni the only Team India member finding a place among the 'elite'.

In fact, the whole spectacle seemed like a carefully organised political rally with Board President Sharad Pawar, who is the Union Agriculture Minister and a political heavyweight of the state, playing to the galleries in his short speech as if it was an election rally. He was clearly trying to take full mileage out of the unexpected victory that Dhoni and his bravehearts achieved at the Wanderers in Johannesburg.

And to think that is same 'BCCI top brass' had actually voted against the Twenty20 format at an ICC meeting!!

Useless bunch of opportunists! Get your hands off that cup Mr.Pawar!


sportsnob said...

they love gatecrashing such parties.

Ananth said...

yeah, they do love gatecrashing. But this is not just gatecrashing, man. Pushing the players behind and putting themselves on the front row of the dias amounts to shameless oppurtunism.