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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Twenty20 is good!

Well, I was away from home for a long time and had to do some catching up with some pending work when I was back and hence the long period of inactivity on this blog. So now, here I am. Back to blogging on my favourite sport after the hiatus.

But whether I have been blogging or not, I have, needless to say, been very keenly following the cricket action. As Harsha Bhogle said on ESPN said when the Twenty20 World Cup began, cricket now 'has a new baby'. And as it turns out, the new baby is awesome!

There were people complaining, and rightly so, about how the on-day game sometimes becomes too predictabile. The first 15-20 overs and the last 8-10 are always meant for thrashing the ball around and the period in between for knocking the ball around when everyone relaxes and the game is almost in a dormant phase. The new powerplay rules could do nothing to better the situation as fielding captains almost always opt to have the powerplays back-to-back and get finished off with them.

But now what the Twenty20 format does is to remove the period of 'knocking the ball around' from one-day cricket. So all you have now is 'thrashing the ball around'. All that the batsmen care for is to amass more and more runs. And which means the bowling team is always thinking about plugging the leaks.

Everyone is on his feet. There are no let-ups. The game is fast paced. A match ends quickly leaving you hungry for more. Moreover, after the long drawn and boring World Cup this is the perfect antidote we all wanted.

Purists, stay aside. Here is undiluted action and we want more of it!

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