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Monday, September 24, 2007


The perfect finale! An India-Pak cricket match can never disappoint. Never ever. And this was the first time India were meeting Pakistan in a World Championship final since 1985 and it just couldn't be dull. It being dull would mean going against the laws of nature.

And accordingly, even as India was cruising away for a disappointingly unexciting and easy victory, the Gods sent in Misbah-Ul-Haq and Sohail Tanvir to re-arrange things as they are meant to be. Man, quite a shock they both gave!

From a hopeless 77-6 when they lost Afridi to getting as close as one boundary away from victory, it was nerve wrangling to watch Pakistan's sudden revival. Pakistan suddenly needed just 6 runs of 4 balls.

And then came the ball from Joginder that Misbah-ul-haq scooped up to send it over and above short fine leg. The camera panned to show the ball in the air. Every Indian was only too aware of fine-leg being inside the 30 yard circle and for a few moments I felt unparalleled despair. But the fairy tale story had to have a fair-tale ending. The ball came down. It had not gone beyond short fine-leg and Sreesanth had the ball in his hands. Victory!

Wow! What a moment! Only the second time India have been crowned world-champions and that too so much drama preceding the moment. It's 1983 all over again. Maybe even better.

Some great moments captured in pictures:

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