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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lots of talking going on

Where the Australians are involved, you can be sure of one thing. There will be a lot of verbal play and mental games before the start of the actual game. And this time is no different.

Symonds tries to taunt the Indian players:
"Something has been sparked inside of me, watching them carry on over the last few days. We have had a very successful side and I think watching how we celebrate and how they celebrate, I think we have been pretty humble in the way we have gone about it. And personally, I think they have got far too carried away with their celebrations. It has definitely sparked passion inside of us. It has certainly spiced it up as well."

Ponting makes the age-old "Pressure is on them" quip.

Uthappa retorts:

"We are looking forward to carry on our winning momentum when we meet Australia in the first match on Saturday and there will not be any pressure on us. We are just looking forward to take on Australia"

Knowing that Sreesanth can get overly excited pretty easily the Aussies seem to have singled him out saying "he does not scare us" and that they have "seen how he plays and will not be surprised this time".

Sreesanth, typically, seems to have taken some of the banter to heart:

"Now I hear that Ponting and his team have singled me out, this is in fact a boost to my confidence. This means that I have the stuff in me. I think if I am aggressive, only then can I perform better and I would be back to my normal self."

Now, that is a lot of talking, isn't it?

In about 8 hours time we will get to know who comes out on top on the field.


Sherul said...

aussies can do nothing but intimidate... i wanna see them play one tour before attacking the opposition...im sure they will lose. this is a negative approach to winning but as they say all is fair in love and war!

Sherul said...

aussies use negative tactics...i wanna see them play a tour without commenting on anything and just getting on with it... i feel that these tactics actually motivate the oppenent but i feel that extra bit of motivation costs them... they try to put extra in to the gazme and don't play naturally

Ananth said...

maybe they can do anything, sherul...because they have the capacity to back the aggression with enough skill.