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Sunday, September 23, 2007

India wins. Pakistan wins. We all win.

What a dream run this is proving to be. The Australians came up against the opening batsmen with their tails up. The plan was obviously to intimidate the Indian batsmen with extremely aggressively tactics. But none of that ancient ploy worked. The start was steady and the middle and end were truly booming. Yuvraj is the man of the moment and you will hardly see a cleaner striker of the ball. Dhoni's shrewd captaincy, Sreesanth's accurate bowling and Harbhajan's clever guiles did the rest.

Earlier Pakistan had already won their semi-final match against New Zealand with ease and thus were through to the final clash of the Twenty20 World Cup. And when India won against Australia at Durban, the crowd went berserk. I suspect the excitement was only half because India have reached the final, the other half being in anticipation of a mouth-watering India-Pak battle for the cup.

Really, Twenty20 couldn't have asked for a better brand ambassador than such a final encounter. And to think that these two teams couldn't even get through among the top 8 teams about 6 months ago. It certainly makes this final look like pre-ordained destiny. Just hope another Indian victory and another gem from Yuvraj is part of that pre-ordained destiny.

And by the way, do we really need a coach?

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