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Thursday, September 27, 2007

ICL is obviously slipping

Mohammad Yousuf, along with Abdur Razzaq and Imran Farhat, had signed the contract agreeing to participate in the Indian Cricket League just a few months earlier. Apparently he was miffed over not having been selected into Pakistan's Twenty20 team for the World Cup. He then went missing for over a month and could not be reached. And now he comes out and says this:
"Whatever I have achieved is because of my country and I am willing to do anything for Pakistan. I didn't know this clause in the ICL contract that priority had to be given to the league instead of Pakistan when international matches are happening simultaneously."
Now that looks a bit shady to me. With all the controversy surrounding the Indian Cricket League, I think it was only too obvious that the National Cricket Boards were not particularly happy with the ICL luring their players away. It was common knowledge that the boards wouldn't think twice before banning players who chose to shore up with the ICL from representing their respective countries in international cricket matches.

The point I am trying to make is that whether Yousuf knew of that little clause in the ICL contract or not, he should surely have been aware that he was putting his international career in jeopardy when he signed that contract.

I suspect Yousuf's change of heart has more to do with the ICL-BCCI tussle and the public launch of the BCCI's own 'Indian Premier League' rivaling the ICL. These developments might have dented his confidence in the ICL's success. I had suggested in an earlier post that the cricket boards were losing the battle with the ICL and they might have to swallow their egos. But things seem to be turning around. Yousuf's withdrawal might only be the first of many to come. If not, it will atleast make other players think twice before considering shaking hands with the ICL.

The ICL is obviously slipping. But it still has one advantage on it's side. Money.

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SixandOut said...

I liked ICL's format, and this kind of initiative has great potential, but it all boils down to attitude. And ICL folks just don't have the right attitude.