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Monday, August 13, 2007

Sharad Pawar's claim

The Indian Cricket League is an "out and out commercial venture" says Pawar in a letter to Digvijay Singh, a member of the Congress party, who had earlier written to Pawar seeking to goad him into dropping the arms he has taken up against the ICL.

But with all due respect Mr.Pawar, just how, may we ask, non-commercial is the BCCI? You would only be fooling yourselves by proclaiming the BCCI to be a non-profit organization. We all know you are in it for the money. Could you please cut the nonsense and tell us the truth? Anyway, we already know it. Here it is.

The BCCI is disapproving of the ICL not because it is a commercial venture and surely not because it is only Twenty20 cricket they are promoting as Pawar wants us to believe. They see the ICL as a parallel organization that could prove a threat to BCCI's monopoly over the game. Simple.

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