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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Abdur Razzaq is unhappy...and why not?

Abdur Razzaq is easily one of the names in my list of favourite one-day international cricketers of all time and it is sad that he will not feature in the Twenty20 World Cup. He has so many times won matches for Pakistan coming in to bat in impossible situations and watching him smother the ball in Twenty20 cricket can only be a treat.

Now, the reason behind Razzaq's exclusion seems beyond logic to me and it does not help that the Pakistan selectors too have chosen not to divulge their reasons, if at all they do have any. Razzaq is, as expected, angry:

"If this is the way I am going to be treated after serving the country honestly and diligently, I should be the one now to decide when to make myself available for national selection. I don't know what the logic was. I am a senior player and deserve a phone call. When I was injured no one in the board bothered to call me up and find out how I was doing."
I think it would be correct to say that Razzaq has in no way over-reacted and his disappointment and anger is justified. The selectors and the PCB are caught on the wrong foot and I can only hope that they patch things up with the explosive batsman.

If things fail to calm down, Pakistan's loss might become the Indian Cricket Leagues's gain as Razzaq is apparently one of the players approached by the ICL and he is reportedly giving the offer some serious thought.

We'll have to wait and watch how this drama unfolds.

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