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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just one of those days, hopefully

Everybody was pretty sure England would be no good in the one-day series and that India would run away with the trophy by a fat margin. While praise was being showered everywhere about the Indian team effort in the test series and the intense desire to win that India displayed these traits seemed to have gone on a sudden holiday in the first one-dayer of the series of seven.

Rahul Dravid's decision to bowl first against England will be subjected to much discussion and debate just like what happened when he decided not to impose the follow-on in the Oval Test. The wisdom of hindsight tells us there was absolutely no swing or any kind of assistance available to the bowlers from the pitch and hence the debate. However, the fact remains that England were just too good for India and India just too bad to merit a victory.

Really, the only two batsmen who look capable of delivering very consistently are Dravid and Kaarthick. Though every other batsman in the Indian team too is worth his weight in gold, the haunting unpredictability is still a worrying factor.

That said, the English batting was simply superb. Cook and especially Ian Bell scripted truly beautiful innings. Totally, as Collingwood later said England played a 'perfect kind of game'. But then it is very rare that a day is 'perfect' in cricket. And so, I hope India can bounce back in this series in the second game. Atleast that will provide temporary relief if not for the more permanent alternative namely consistency.


Soulberry said...

Hopefully, it will be a limited damage, but the signs aren't promising. This England team is better placed in most respects than India.

I'd like Dinesh to be opening with either Ganguly or Gambhir/Uthappa.

Maybe Munaf instead of Agarkar, otherwise I'd go with the same team.

Ananth said...

I am very concerned too, soulberry. What was billed as a fairly easy one-day series for India is turning out to be a very tough and unpredictable one.

I don't know about Kaarthick opening. He seems to be doing well lower down. But Agarkar is a sure NO NO in my book too.