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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Jelly beans, beamers and shoulder barging

Sreesanth went horribly overboard with excitement and ended up shoulder-barging Micheal Vaughan. The jelly-beans incident between Zaheer and Pietersen was silly and ridiculous.

There was a lot of chattering, jeering and provoking going on. And then there was that beamer(unintentional is my guess) that Sreesanth gifted Pietersen with.

Looked at individually, these incidents are in bad taste and totally against the sportman's spirit. But looking at them collectively in the context of the match and the series, these incidents also seem to have electrified the whole match and the series into an exciting, gripping and interesting battle between India and England. I can see the makings of a nice little healthy rivalry here that will only make the quality of cricket all the better. Wasn't it obvious that the quality of Indian bowling went by a notch or two when Kevin Pietersen came in to bat during the second test?

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kunalsingh said...

Most happy with this electrified match should have been Indian Media. I am not sure why they are not writing too much about it - may be too busy with haneef and sanju dada.