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Sunday, August 26, 2007

India's spinning strength

It was after a pretty long time that we got to watch two Indian spinners bowling in tandem in a one-day match playing outside the subcontinent. And as it turned out, the selection was a masterstroke. Infact it almost seemed to be the sanest thing to do. Maybe it did not happen much in recent times due to the lack of some good spinners. But now, I am pretty sure Romesh Powar and Piyush Chawla are going to feature in the Indian team for a long time to come.

Piyush Chawla was very successful in outwitting the batsman on more than a few occasions and Romesh Powar's control was absolutely awesome to watch. Harbhajan Singh and Anil Kumble have finally got competition. Whatever happens in the next match, one thing is for sure: India will once again go in with two spinners whatever the pitch report might be like.

So the India-England series is now level at 1-1. Still, though India got 329(and that is huge) and won the match by 9 runs, there is still that feeling of inadequacy.

For starters, the fact that we allowed England to get so close to the target of 330 even after having gotten them on the mat at 240-7 is a shame. Then there is the pathetic fielding and catching which still remains to be the haunting ghost for India. Wonder what Robin Singh, the fielding coach, is upto. As far as I can see there is no obvious improvement in the fielding at all. No diving stops in the outfield and no extra efforts to stop the extra run. And ofcourse catches continue to go down by the dozen.

There are 5 more matches to go and to beat this England team(as unpredictable as their Indian counterparts) and take the series is surely going to take a lot more than what the cricketers did in this match.

And surely Dhoni needs to be coming before Yuvraj Singh. He takes a lot more time to settle down than any other player and it would in India's best interests if he can get some balls to play off quietly, for, after that, he can be very explosive. He should be coming in at No.4 with Dravid at 3 and Yuvraj at 5. Some food for thought there for the think-tank.


ICLfan said...

I was about to close my TV after England's first 5 overs, but as always i keep watching the match. I felt really happy to see Powar (whom most of cricket expert says as a "useful" player) flighting the ball and making English players search the ball to hit. Freddy tried so and got caught in deep. Yes, Piyush and Powar;s partnersheep was really pleasing. All the best to both of them for rest of the series.

Amit Bajaj said...

That point you make about Dhoni needing more time to settle is very apt. Often captains ignore individual requirements/deficiencies to great peril. Even the great duo of Sachin and Saurav need the first 5 overs to settle down. If you do an analysis of their scoring patterns,i won't be surprised to see that there is a huge difference in their strike rates in Over 1-5 and Overs 6-10.