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Thursday, August 9, 2007

The finale is on

The 3rd and final Test encounter between India and England starts today and I can't wait to savour the intense action in store! Already there has been lots happening in this series with England almost winning the first match and India, amidst some controversial incidents, claiming the second one with some ease. The bowlers have rocked the party for most of the series so far and going by what is being said about the Oval pitch being less assisting to the seamers than Lord's and Trent Bridge, it ought to be time that we started seeing some serious runs being scored.

With confirmation of Kevin Pietersen's fitness, England will field the same side as in the second test and in all probability, inspite of many other options making themselves available, India too will do the same.

Vaughan and Dravid have their tasks cut out. Both have enjoyed some heavy scoring at the Oval in the past and both will be looking forward to repeating their earlier feats at the ground while hoping that the other doesn't. Vaughan looked superb at Trent Bridge and while I wouldn't mind watching him in full flow, I certainly would if it happened in this match.

Dravid's biggest task would be to try and keep his players' feet firmly rooted on the ground. We wouldn't want the players to get carried away by the success at Trent Bridge and end up losing this one as has so often happened in the past. Of course Dravid knows that and his comments in the press make it clear that he has already set his mind on doing just that. This is apparently what he said:
“I have challenged my boys to repeat what they did at Trent Bridge. It takes a lot to win Test matches and a lot more to win a Test series."
True. We know this Indian team has what it takes to win a test match playing against England in England. Lets see if this Indian team has what it takes to go further and bring home a series win. Sure, it will not be easy. The English are playing some good cricket. And that is exactly what makes the battle one to be looked forward to.

All eyes on the Television sets please.

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