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Sunday, August 5, 2007

BCCI vs. The Indian Cricket League

Sharad Pawar, the BCCI chief is out of his mind. His comments on the Indian Cricket League have, sadly, been in poor taste. Used to performing political antics and provoking his opponents in public during the course of his long tenure in Indian politics seem to have rendered him incapable of refined speech. Kapil Dev is, as usual, blatant with his views and will not mince any words when he is putting a point across. He will also not budge an inch from his stand and vigorously refuses to be intimidated. The final effect is a useless, not to mention dirty, war of words between the two men in responsible positions.

Pawar says: "I can't see any threat from the ICL. Not many people are interested in watching retired players in action. Everyone wants to see official cricket, not the oldies. I see no reason for young players going there. Only those who play official cricket can represent India."

In retort Kapil says: "If the board thinks that only the national XI can attract crowds, then it should stop conducting any domestic tournament".

And all this is happening through the media. So sweet!

Now, first of all Pawar should not have made that statement at all, whatever be the circumstances. Second, 'Oldies' is not a very nice word. Third, why should the BCCI worry about the ICL being a threat at all? Isn't the BCCI an organization that is supposed to ensure the continuous progress of cricketing standards in India, apart from the administrative jobs? Shouldn't the BCCI be basing their opinion of the ICL more on what it can or cannot offer to Indian cricket rather than whether it could or could not be a threat to the BCCI?

My inability to comprehend the logic behind Sharad Pawar's remarks could mean three things: Either I am missing something here or I do not understand the functioning of the BCCI or Sharad Pawar himself has no idea what he is talking about. I take the third option.


Anonymous said...

Desparately waiting for the end result.....seems to be very interesting!!

Anonymous said...

This should end somewere now... I dont see kapil pa goin wrong any were in this whole issue... Treat the game in the right sprit.. and i am sure cricketers will do a better job than politicans!!!!!