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Monday, July 30, 2007

What has Harbhajan Singh been upto?

Harbhajan Singh did not find a place in the Indian squad to England. But that does not prevent him from taking wickets on English soil and that too in heaps.

The 'Turbanator' is playing county cricket in England for Surrey and seems to be enjoying himself rather well so far. The match against Worcestershire landed a huge haul of 9 wickets for him. 29 - 7 - 6 - 44 & 34 - 12 - 64 - 5 read his figures for the match which is all the more impressive when you consider that only 5 Worcestershire wickets fell in the second innings of the drawn game and all five went to Harbhajan.

Obviously, he has been busy and very effective in English conditions, the same conditions where the Indian team happens to be playing right now. So, do these figures indicate anything about what he could do as part of the Indian team on this tour of England? I know there is no use speculating. Especially so given the huge gap in standards between county cricket and international cricket. But then, I just couldn't help wondering.


The Atheist said...

So, I take it you'd drop Kumble then?

Or play two spinners...in England?

Ananth said...

Oh no, athiest. I am not suggesting anything here. Playing two spinners in England is hara kiri and a choice b/w Kumble and Harbhajan is always a tough one.

But surely, such good figures that Harbhajan has produced cant leave you not wondering whether Harbhajan would have been better. Especially wen Kumble has not done all that well so far. So that is what I did: wondered aloud.