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Thursday, July 12, 2007

West Indian cricket

West Indian cricket is a real enigma. I, for one, just cannot see why a side with such big names as Gayle, Sarwan and Chanderpaul and such awesome talent as Marlon Samuels, Fidel Edwards, Dwayne Bravo, Runako Morton and Daren Powell should perform as badly as they did in the World Cup(that too playing in their own backyards) and then later in test matches on the English tour. Almost weird.

But what a series of ODIs they have had against England! Chris Gayle and his mates truly deserve every bit of the joy and celebration. Frankly, I least expected the West Indians to even give a fight leave alone winning the series 2-1 after what happened in the tests. But as I said, West Indian cricket is truly a total enigma. One neither me nor anyone can ever hope to unravel.

You can always try by first saying West Indian cricket and their players are more suited to the shortened form of the game and hence the sudden improvement in results in the ODIs. But then, they will surprise you and as if to refute your observation they will descend on the field on another day fielding the same team in similar conditions and end up losing. Not just losing but losing pathetically.

Then you will perhaps the say ODI win on English soil was just a flash in the pan and the Carribeans are not all that good after all. But within days of that statement they will surprise you with a performance so fantastic that you can only watch and marvel.

And then you will be at a total loss. You will then, like me, stop analysing and forecasting results of cricket matches involving the Carribeans and learn to live with the extremely unpredictable roller-coaster ride that is West Indian cricket.

Still I cant help hoping this thumping win against England will signal a more successfully consistent future for West Indian cricket.


Abhishek Krishnan said...

thanks buddy,
the car will take maybe 20 years to come to india or may not even come to india..

kamrul hasan said...

Day by day West Indies team is going down. If WCB don't take any steps then it should be destroyed for ever.