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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Twenty20 World Cup must be a nightmare for the umpires

While the anticipation builds, plans are carefully laid and tickets sold by the gallon for the Twenty20 World Cup, nobody spares a thought for the umpires.

Imagine a Twenty20 match between India and Pakistan! A one-dayer is bad enough for the umpires with a lot of excited screaming and slogan shouting happening in the crowds making the umpire's job a very unenviable one. So when the overseers of the game are subjected to the nerve-racking experience of concentrating on even the subtlest happenings on the field with a million frenzied fans driving themselves crazy around them in a twenty20 match, we will have to expect a few fallen hairs and sweaty brows among them. Poor men!

Add to that the International Cricket Council's ruling that the umpire's have to remain calm during the match, and you will see just how how pathetic their situation is. I mean, how can you expect two men to remain calm in the middle of a raging storm? Boy, its going to be tough work!

Nine umpires are chosen for the job during the Twnety20 World cup: Mark Benson, Billy Doctrove, Daryl Harper, Asad Rauf, Simon Taufel, Steve Davis, Ian Howell, Nigel Llong and Tony Hill. And I suppose you could safely bet on atleast nine men badly cursing the guy behind the Twenty20 idea.

And by the way, it is sad that we will not have Billy Bowden(yeah, he's the one who introduced the yellow card in cricket) officiating during the World Cup thanks to that World Cup final fiasco. That man is literally cut out for the Twenty20 format. Take a look at this little cartoon I found on the Internet.

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