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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trent Bridge does swing

So everything that I have been reading and listening to about Trent Bridge has been proved true so far. The ball is swinging and seaming around like a mad cow and inspite of the Indian bowlers not being all that spectacular England are still on the mat. All their top batsmen are gone. It is clearly advantage India now. And it has been so throughout the day since Rahul Dravid win the toss and chose to bowl first.

I think it is obvious that one big reason why England could even get so close to victory before rain came in the way in the first test at Lord's was the first innings lead of 97 runs that they managed to get. And that in turn was more because of some very inept bowling by the Indians, caused by over-excited nerves, on the first day rather than good batting from the Englishmen. They did recover later, but the damage was done. Now, since the same excitement and nervous anticipation of playing at Lord's in the first match of an important series cannot spill into the second match, this match was always going to be a better one for the Indian bowlers. England are on 169/7 at the end of the first day's play and to think that the score could have been even worse is very exciting for India's prospects in this series.

It could have been worse because, I feel, Sreesanth and RP can bowl a lot better than they did. Both were guilty of sending the ball down too wide away from the batsman on more than just a few occasions. But then, the surprising factor was clearly Ganguly. Luckily, he was able to bowl his gentle pace with a lot more precision and sometimes even outshone our leading bowlers, excepiting Zaheer of course. Zaheer was awesome throughout the day. That ball that got Vaughan was a total peach!

So now, I suppose it is upto the batsmen not to squander the advantage India have gained. We might get England bowled out for less than 200 and a mighty lead in the first innings could be the first step towards achieving that series win in England that has been eluding the team for a long long time. Tomorrow, the 2nd day, will bring a lot of answers and I am looking forward to a good day's cricket.

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