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Sunday, July 1, 2007

So..has Sachin finally hit form?

17.4 Nel to Tendulkar, SIX, awesome! Nel drops short outside off stump, and has to watch the ball sail over deep backward square leg for maximum! A powerful pull shot for six!

That was the shot that sent shivers of elation down my spine. A ferocious pull for a six...none less! And that at a time when Sachin Tendulkar struggles to even make clean contact with the ball. Plus the treatment was meted out to Andre Nel, that big bully whom any opposition would love to hate, which pleased me no end.

Reminded me of that six Sachin had scored off Caddick in the 2003 World Cup. Check out the video.

Of course, I do realize the Caddick shot was way better and classier. But during these troubled times, the Andre Nel six will do. And congrats to the man on reaching the 15000 landmark. Truly a colossal achievement. The fruit of a lifetime of total dedication. It is sad indeed that, inspite of all his achievements, he has had to swallow lowly insults from the unforgiving Indian fans during the course of his career. All in the game, I guess.

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