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Monday, July 30, 2007

Mellowed Ganguly

Yesterday, the 3rd day of the ongoing test match against England, Simon Taufel gave Sourav Ganguly out when he clearly wasn't. Now, you can't blame me for having expected Sourav to stand rooted to his crease and given Taufel his trademark 'incredulous stare' like he has so many times done in the past. Surprisingly, Ganguly didn't do that and just chose to walk away, flaying his bat in the air.

I tell you, that can mean only one thing. The man has mellowed down a lot in the past year. Is that good or bad? I don't know. But going by how patient he has been with his cricket in this series against England, maybe it is for the good.


kamrul hasan said...

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cknaidu said...

not mellowed or anything , he may have nicked it how abt that

Ananth said...

cknaidu: Alright, lets assume he nicked it and forget the incident.
Even so, just going by the way he has carried himself around in the past year or so, dont you think he has shown signs of mellowing down?