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Sunday, July 8, 2007

A laboratory for innovation?

With all the hype, controversies, speculations and expectations surrounding the Indian Cricket League, it better amount to something. So far there has not been much information about what is going on except for stray rumours and spats with the BCCI.

However, Subhash Chandra, the man behind the plan, does make it all sound very exciting in the letter he apparently wrote to Sharad Pawar explaining what he intends to do with the ICL (apart from making a few quick bucks)

'The idea is also to develop India, a leading cricketing nation, as the laboratory to innovate new models of cricket so that we set the agenda for innovation for others to follow,' Chandra wrote in a three-page letter to Pawar faxed April 3, the day he announced the formation of ICL under the Essel group banner.
'The Essel initiative on cricket involves a 3-D approach that integrates the vision and action on diligence, discovery and display,' Chandra wrote in the letter, a copy of which is with IANS. Chandra said he plans to innovate, unearth talent and transform 'midgets' into mature, mentally strong and confident players.
India as a laboratory to innovate? That sounds interesting. Especially given that Indian cricket has not really been known as 'trendsetting'. If Chandra can actually achieve what he propounds then this might well be the best thing that could happen to Indian cricket. But even if Chandra can put in a downright honest effort into bringing this concept into the realm of reality then that in itself will be a feat worthy of praise.

Maybe the BCCI and the others concerned would do well to shed their rigid stance and consider exending their support to the initiative.

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