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Thursday, July 5, 2007

A joke of a match

It is going to take a long time before Bangladesh recover from the sound thrashing they have received at the hands of the marauding Lankans. Scores of 62 all out and 78/5(before Mohammed Ashraful and Mushfiqur Rahim decided to stem the rot, but only for a while) in two innings almost seem like a demeaning joke! The Sri Lankans have so far in the series literally toyed with the Bangladesh batsmen as well as bowlers ending up with embarrasingly one-sided victories, something that is sure to plant a huge spear right at the heart of the Bangladesh players' collective ego.

To Bangladesh's credit they certainly did come up with a relatively better performance in the second innings but that was only courtesy the efforts of two players. And two good players in a team of eleven is just not enough. Of the two, Ashraful has always had us expect good things from him. So it turns out that the only player who has had the cricket world sit up and take notice is Mushfiqur Rahim. When in a young team, there is only one man showing signs of improvement, I am afraid that doesnt augur well at all. Clearly, only further humiliation awaits Bangladesh cricket in the 3rd test and many more tests after that.

When Sri Lanka had made a quick job of their first test victory against Bangladesh, I had made a mention of their amazing regularity with which they have ensured, not just wins, but really big wins against the minnow nations. And this time they have done that again.

This comment probably sums up the miserable Bangladesh performance:

"You can only write an obituary on this scorecard but not a report."
A veteran journalist reacts after Bangladesh were bundled out for 62 on Tuesday.

Funny Yet true.


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