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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Is two a crowd?

Whoa! These are the kind of moments when you suddenly realize that time has indeed been ticking past at quite a rapid pace. Remember those times when a good clean wicketkeeper batsman for India was as rare as water in a desert? Rahul Dravid had to handle the job then inspite of being, primarily, a batsman with very limited wicketkeeping abilities. Then came along Mahendra Singh Dhoni and almost immediately became the dream man the whole country was looking for. He came and conquered and within no time cemented a permanent place in the team.

And now suddenly the selectors even seem to have the luxury of pondering over leaving such a marvellous 'find' as Dhoni out in favour of yet another man who can do the job with no less finesse, Dinesh Kaarthick.

Dhoni has been involved in a few fumbles behind the wickets of late during the tour matches and though during other times, with no Kaarthick breathing down his neck, those would have gone unnoticed, it is very much possible that these are counted against him this time round and the selectors may hand over the job to Kaarthick who has been looking more and more reliable with every passing day.

It will be interesting to see what the selectors decide for Kaarthick will also be opeing for the Indian team and handling both jobs of full-time wicketkeeper and opening batsman might prove to be a burden on Kaarthick's shoulders.

All the same, Dhoni will have to be wary about his position in the team. No longer is his place granted. Neither is Kaarthick's. You can never be sure when the selectors will decide that two wicketkeepers in a team is a crowd. And that means continuous improvement should be the mantra for the duo which in turn can only mean better performances from the point of view of Indian cricket.

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