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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gulliver and the liliputs!

Bangladesh are skittled out again. This time it is one-day cricket. The only reason why I am keeping track of the Sri-Lanka Bangladesh series is to find out just how low Bangladesh can possibly go. Infact, taken together, this series must achieve some sort of a record. Maybe if you add up the victory margins in all the matches played so far in the series it should come up to a gigantic record-breaking figure.

One-day cricket is always easier for the new teams in cricket as you only require to be consistent for one full day rather than five days. But any hopes of Bangladesh putting up a fight atleast in the one-dayers, after being dismally ripped apart in the tests, proved baseless. The loss was by 70 runs and that after having been able to restrict the Lankans to a low score of 234. And considering that Sri Lanka were without Murali and Vaas, their main bowlers, that paltry score of 164 that they could manage just proves how clueless Bangladesh are in international cricket.

And so they continue to struggle. I wonder for how long.

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