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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Enough! Lets look ahead.....

Its amazing how the table of opinions can turn with just one series win. And it is especially amusing when the series in question, in classic terms, is not a series at all. Just three stray one-day international matches carelessly flung into the calender for no reason whatsoever, for that is what the three-match India-South Africa 'series' at Glasgow was. India manages to win two of them. One of the wins involved an all too familiar middle-order collapse which was thankfully checked by a neat Yuvraj innings accompanied by Kaarthick. The other win involved a failure of the top order leaving the team dangling at 38/3. If not for the calming and steadying presence if Dravid, a role on which a disturbingly significant number of India's wins have rested, God knows what score we would have managed.

And yet talks are afloat on the lines of 'having left behind the ghosts of the World Cup' and the team having revived itself to world-beating standards again. Just how much of all the hype and praise is actually necessary?

When cricket fans in India took out processions and went about burning effigies after India's humiliating exit from the first round of the World Cup, everyone was very quick to suggest over-reaction. Yes, that was over-reaction. I agree. But isn't this unnecessary hype over two stray wins also over-reaction? Why doesnt anyblody want to point that out?

Dravid had said after the win:
"After the World Cup disappointment, we needed to regroup and get our confidence back. We have worked hard as a team and deserve all the success that comes our way"

Maybe that comment has come a little too early, skip. Sterner tests await at England. And if we can get out that contest unhurt, then and only then can you count on your 'hard work' having borne fruits. Lets not get overexcited please.

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