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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cricket News and Matches at Top Samachar

There is a lot of talk(and rightly so) on the blogosphere about cricinfo's coverage being very England centric. They better do something about it lest other cricket news websites such as Top Samachar take over. Top Samachar neatly aggregates all the cricket news(mainly India-centric) from around many websites into one place and presents it to the user in a very simple navigation-friendly interface. Ofcourse there are also other news sections such as Bollywood news, business news etc. But for me it is the cricket section that is most attractive. After all, the promise of all the news at one place sorted out by topic has to be attractive. Plus you could watch cricket matches live on the website. The ongoing India-England tour will be available for live viewing and I am totally going to be following it.


Mahesh Jain said...

I was looking for the sites that are covering the India England tour and Top Samachar looks like a place to be. Thanks for providing this information.

Ananth said...

You're welcome mahesh!