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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Congrats Murali!

I know this is belated, but nonetheless congratulations are totally due to Murali for having achieved that amazing feat of capturing 700 test victims. What an achievement! And that too in the face of all the criticism and bad mouthing that has happened against him and will continue throughout his career. Inspite of all that he has smiled his way to that mark like a real sport.

With just eight more to go to equal Shane Warne's record of 708 wickets, it is very ironical that he will most probably achieve it in the land down under which is Shane Warne's homeland and also happens to be the land where he has been heckled the most. Will the crowd give him a standing ovation or will he be subjected to some extended booing? With the Australian crowd you can never say. Should be real fun to watch!

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