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Thursday, July 26, 2007

And so the ICL grows...

As the Indian cricket team has been busy touring England and almost losing the first test match of the tour, something quite different has been brewing here in India. Suddenly the Indian Cricket League is full of stars and is seeming to be a reality after all. Till a few weeks ago there was just a lot of talk happening and a lot of controversies adding on to the hype surrounding the breakaway league.

The details are of course still as murky. Subhash Chandra, the architect behind the ICL, is a man who has spent an entire lifetime promoting television channels and programs and what not and knows exactly how excitement and expectations can be created amongst an audience by just keeping them mostly in the dark and every now and then allowing a tiny shaft of light to come through.

And as such the latest news that Brian Lara, Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath (all big, big names) have confirmed their interest in joining the League is not just pleasantly surprising but also makes the Indian Cricket League something to look forward to.

Apart from the promise of good twenty20 cricket cricket sometime in October, it is the composition of the teams that would take part in the ICL that makes it all the more acceptable. The teams will apparently consist of four names from international cricket, two Indian cricket stars and the rest would be from Indian domestic arena. Such a formula is bound to ensure a very effective breeding ground for quality cricketers from India, something more than what Ranji cricket been able to achieve.

Of course the reality will only be evident when the matches actually happen. Till then we'll just have to sit and watch and occasionally speculate.


kamrul hasan said...

nice article. i didn't ever see this type of article before. really nice. carry on. you will get success.

Superunknown said...

Even if ICL grows, that might not challenege ICC because the scope of the league would be confined to 20-20 games and no one might be taking this games seriously.

The players who have been in ICL or are been talked of to be in, are mostly retired players. So that doesnt make any difference,.

Ananth said...

thanks for the encouragement, kamrul. :)

superunknown: you are right, the ICL is not presently a threat to the ICC owing to its limited scope. However, what might worry the ICC and BCCI is the future where the ICL could grow and start wandering into hitherto exclusive realms of the ICC and the BCCI.