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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Some fight, at last

Happily for them and for us cricket followers, West Indies are showing some teeth in their 3rd test against England. The 2nd test match was a total disaster with them suffering a record-breaking loss. And it was also equally disheartening for me to watch the Caribbeans go down like they were a glorified school cricket team.

The bowling has been good with some aggressiveness from Edwards, Corey Collymore and Jerome Taylor. So far so good. But what remains to be seen is the West Indian batting. They are playing without the services of Brain Lara and Ramnaresh Sarwan and the pitch being as green and bowler-friendly as it is I only hope the batsmen can carry on with the same aggressive spirit as the bowlers. Bowling out England for 370 runs was all very nice. But getting the 1st innings lead is a totally different thing and if West Indians can do that, only then can anyone get excited about their 'comeback'. Lets see how things span out. For now Darren Ganga, the captain, is gone. Maybe Chris Gayle has got to come up with something special now.

And by the way, very interestingly Andrew Miller at Cricinfo notes:
And - as a footnote, in light of the week's hot topic - Ganga's appearance in front of the press was one of the most heartening sights of all. Cool, authoritative and clinical in his opinions, he sounded like a long-overdue voice of reason. Maybe, as the result of Sarwan's misfortune, West Indies have found the man they need to ensure that today's denial could yet be tomorrow's revival. On this pitch, however, Ganga will first need to prove equally cool at the crease.

Wow! That is a lot of praise. I hope Ganga can live upto it. He has lost his chance with the bat in the first innings but there is still a lot to go in the match. So if he can come come up with somthing magical, Sarwan's captaincy job may be in jeopardy. Talk about destiny!

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