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Monday, June 4, 2007

Second only to the Don

As English cricket has been busy over the last few years taking some giant leaps backwards, one man though has just risen and risen right from the day he became a part of the England team and doesn't seem to be showing any signs of letting up. Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up to Kevin Pietersen.

From tormenting the Australians in the Ashes to the present West Indian tour of England, Kevin Pietersen has never ever shown any mental let-ups at all. He takes on all the bowlers with the same arrogance and air of superiority and almost every time comes out as the victor. Unluckily for him he has ended up on the losing side more times than his individual performances deserve. But that aside this man is just supremely impressive. No wonder Justin Langer(yeah, the same famous sledger) talks about KP with so much admiration:

The reason we don't really like Kevin Pietersen is that he displays traits which rub us up the wrong way. He struts a little, he is aggressive in everything he does, he takes on any bowler and he stares you in the eyes with the confidence of a prize fighter.

We would love to have him in our team, because we love the way he goes about his business. He is an outstanding player in that he backs his ability to the hilt and he makes the game go forward every time he is in the middle.

And very deservingly and not very surprisingly he now has the second highest runs for any test cricketer during his first 25 matches of test cricket. Pietersen has scored 2,448 runs at an average of 54.40 including eight centuries and nine half-centuries in just 47 innings. And the legendary Don Bradman scored 3,194 runs in his first 25 matches at an average of 91.25 scoring 13 centuries and five fifties.

Kevin Pietersen is second only to Don Bradman. How impressive is that!!

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