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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Remember Dodda Ganesh? Remember Mohd. Azharuddin?

It is no secret that Indian cricket is flooded with more political presence than is necessary. And now Indian politics is going to see some cricket presence too. Dodda Ganesh has made an entry into the realm of Indian politics by enrolling into no lesser a party than the JD(S), that of our very own former Prime Minister Mr.H.D.Deve Gowda!

Now, I wouldn't be too surprised if you said Dodda Ganesh who? For his has been only a fleeting presence in International cricket playing for the Indian team, what with just 4 test matches and a single one-day international to his name. But he has been a leading pace bowler for the Karnataka team for over a decade and just recently he decided to announce his retirement from all forms of cricket. And now he is going to experiment with some politics.

This bit of news partly interests me because of the fact that not too many Indian cricketers have tried their hand at politics apart from the odd Kirti Azad of course, which is surprising given the amount of publicity the average Indian cricketer enjoys here. But what makes things even more interesting and, may I say, gossip worthy is that Mohammed Azharuddin, the former Indian skipper, has a hand in this decision of Ganesh! Actually, not just a hand but a while lot more. Apparently Azhar is gifting Ganesh with a whopping Rs.10 crore to help him in his political aspirations! Now, who would have thought Azhar and Ganesh were such chums.

If you are too confused as to how this sudden friendship could have blossomed you could do with this little piece of news:
According to reports the former captain had some business interests in the city(Bangalore) connected to hospitality industry.
So there is the catch! Azhar has a business interest in Bangalore and perhaps he thought gaining some political clout in the city would not be bad.

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