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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oye Maninder! What's gotten into you?

The human being is unfathomable. There are so many people out there dreaming of being international cricketers some day and Maninder Singh lived the dream. That said, there are also so many former international cricketers out there dreaming of being able to do something to avoid fading into oblivion after their cricketing days are over. Maninder Singh could materialize that dream too.

Yet he now pathetically lies in a hospital with slashed wrists apparently resulting from a suicide attempt. And that after being caught in possession of banned drugs with him which he apparently was taking to combat 'personal stresses'. I know I should be pitying the man for all he has gone through, but actually I am dazed. How did this man who has entertained us so many times with his commentary on television stoop to such lows? Bewildering.

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